3D Printing & Smart-made Healthcare Occupational Protection Products and Services
Traditional PPE products usually cannot be customized upon the varies of personal requirements and working scenarios, which greatly affects using experience, comfort and protection effects.

Leveraging leading 3D scanning technology of smartphone APP, modeling algorithm with high-quality materials through 3D-Printing or smart-made tech, Healkee Medical is committed to offer customized PPE portfolio and value-added services.

Partner with well-known cosmetics brands, we develop skin/hair/oral/sleep care solutions specifically designed for healthcare professionals.
Customized offerings by terminal 3D scanning tech and 3D printing or smart-made system
One-stop air quanlity monitoring & processing system with vacuum ventilation
Gene screening tech of HAI, and biodegradable medical disposable materials
International Training and Certification of Healthcare Occupational Protection & Hospital Acquired Infection